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Windom Neighborhood Safety Walking Club

Supporting community building through walking. 

Join Windom neighbors every Monday from 7 PM - 8 PM for weekly neighborhood walks to meet neighbors, do trash pick-up and overall deter crime by creating a friendly physical presence in Windom.   

This group does not engage in standard policing or public safety activities.  This job is left to police officers and governmental units responsible for the safety of the public.  

Neighbors meet at the Windom Community Center at 5843 Wentworth in the South Park Building and then head out.

All are welcome!

Public Disclaimer:  The Windom Neighborhood Safety Club remains an independent group from the Windom Community Council. 


Walkers, on their own volition, independently volunteer their time to the Windom Neighborhood Safety Club.

Annual Windom Neighborhood Safety Team Gathering
Patty Wagon
3019 Lyndale Avenue S., Minneapolis MN 55408

Friday, May 27, 2023
6 PM - 8 PM

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