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Neighborhood Turf to Alternative Garden Tour

Saturday Morning, July 25 from 9 to Noon - Free


Join us for the neighborhood turf to alternative garden tour! Date and time is Saturday morning, July 25 from 9 to noon.  You may start and conclude your tour at any point.


See how neighbors are evolving their boulevards and front yards from traditional grass to gardens featuring veggies and fruit, native plants, perennials and more.  At some addresses, gardeners will be present to answer questions about the space and talk gardening.


The tour is free and informal.  Kudos to our neighbors who volunteered to be on the list, welcoming you to view their gardens in all their current glory and occasional overflow of weeds.  This is gardening - real life edition. Please note that while no sign up is required I do appreciate notes back so that we can gauge level of interest.


Guidelines for those touring.  Please check out gardens from the sidewalk and observe COVID-19 etiquette such as maintaining social distancing.  Wearing of masks is encouraged.


Why shift from turf to garden?


  • Less mowing!

  • Better water steward - rain soaks into gardens more readily than turf

  • Richer eco-system - support monarchs and pollinators

  • More beauty - show off summer in MN!

  • Grow veggies and fruit


This tour is an opportunity to see if the look of a turf alternative is for you and to get a sense of the initial and ongoing effort required. 


And here are the gardens available to tour (view from sidewalk) including a brief description:


• 5404 Wentworth - native plants conversion begun last year

• 4620 1st Ave - 2-year work in progress, diverse plants, and flowers

• 4644 1st Ave - steep lawn replaced with perennials last fall

• 5821 Grand - Dutch clover one side, bee lawn the other

• 4824 Harriet - rock landscaping, perennials, pots of annuals

• 5314 Pleasant - native plants, pond, shade, and partial shade

• 119 W Minnehaha - Evolved from shade to sun to partial shade, perennial garden

• 4104 Aldrich - boulevard and front yard, pollinators, veggies, and ornamentals

• 4125 Dupont - croquet lawn and perennials

• 5112 Dupont - edibles and pollinators

• 4915 Emerson - bushes and perennials

• 5607-5609 Girard - half shade, half sun, low maintenance, seasonal interest

• 4601 Humboldt - water management, native plants, pollinators, veggies, and fruit

• 5709 Morgan - one-month post transition to pollinator friendly yard

• 4852 Washburn - Blvd and front yard converted from turf

• 4856 Washburn - conversion in process, sun and shade

• 4701 Zenith - Sunny boulevard featuring zinnias and monarchs.

• 4752 Abbott - native plant/meadow conversion in progress, veggies, fruit, clover

Keep 911 open for life/safety emergencies. To provide tips, report suspicious activity and other information to the police not requiring an immediate response, call the MPD Tip Line at 612-692-8477, the Minnesota BCA at 651-793-7000 or the Minneapolis FBI at 763-569-800.

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