Welcome to Our Windom Community Survey!

By now, you should have received our Windom neighborhood survey in the mail.

There are several ways to complete the survey and return it.

  • Complete it on Paper and Mail the Survey Back to PO Box 19536 Minneapolis, MN 55419 (You'll need to add the postage yourself).

  • Complete it on Paper and Drop-Off the Survey at 5843 Wentworth Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55419 @ the Windom South Park reception desk.

  • Complete it Online at https://forms.gle/EDgDW1AWtREm7dXS8

**** Monolingual Spanish and Somali Speakers can download the survey in their own language via the links below, complete it and mail it in to PO Box 19536, Minneapolis, MN 55419 or Drop-Off the survey at 5843 Wentwoth Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55419 @ the Windom South Park reception desk.

**** Additionally, the Windom Community Council will reach out directly to our Spanish and Somali speaking community members in-person.

Somaaliga - Windom Neighborhood Daraasadda Hawlgalka Bulshada

Español -  Windom - Encuesta de Participación Comunitaria

We'd like to know each of you, in our neighborhood, a little better, as well as, learn what you'd like to see get done for the betterment of the community. 

©2016 Windom Community

Our Vision: The Windom Community seeks to be recognized, locally and beyond, as an attractive, supportive and involved neighborhood that takes pride in its cultural diversity and rich history. We are a community of people who strive to provide a safe, clean, educational and prosperous haven for all our residents and businesses.