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The Windom Community Council meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm. Meetings usually last an hour and a half and are held at the Windom South Park (5842 Wentworth Avenue.) Get updated on community happenings, meet your neighbors, find out how to get involved in neighborhood projects and get crime and safety updates from the city.

WCC Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee:
Jacky Junek, President

Veronica Walther, Vice President
Becky McIntosh, Treasurer

Steve Rawlins, Secretary

Patricia Soulak**


Other Board Members:

Brian O'Shea

Patrick Barrett

Pete Johnson

Michelle Hemingway Tatum


(**Executive Committee consists of the four officers plus one member at-large)

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Our Vision: The Windom Community seeks to be recognized, locally and beyond, as an attractive, supportive and involved neighborhood that takes pride in its cultural diversity and rich history. We are a community of people who strive to provide a safe, clean, educational and prosperous haven for all our residents and businesses.