Windom Neighborhood Turf to Alternative Garden Tour
Sponsored by the Windom Community Council and Mayflower Church
Saturday Morning, July 17, 2021
9 AM to Noon – Free


Date: Saturday, July 17, 2021

Time: 9AM to 12PM

Locations: Neighborhood Garden Tour Participants List Coming Soon!


Hello Windom Neighbors!


Join Nature Friendly Windom for a tour of turf alternative gardens in Windom! Come view tour neighbors’ front yards, chat with experts at select sites, and explore your neighborhood.


This year, we are glad to announce the inclusion of Master Gardeners, a Wild Ones expert on native plants, a Metro Blooms representative, and a Naturalist to our Windom Area Garden Tour.


The garden tour is self-guided. In the coming weeks, we will provide a link to addresses and a map of participating gardens. Please come back for those!


Social distancing is encouraged.




Whether you are just starting a new project, or have been working on turf alternatives for years, we’d love to have you on our tour!


Add your home at


You can find more details about the 2021 Turf Alternatives Garden Tour, Nature Friendly Windom, and our rain garden and bioswale installation project at


While it is not required that you be present during the tour to show your garden, it's nice for those touring to be able to ask questions.


It is hard to predict how many people may stop by to look at your garden [it could be none or five or fifteen]. So, we believe that it is a great way to sit out in your garden and to have a lot of fun talking to your neighbors.


See you outside on July 17!


If you have questions, please direct them to Becky McIntosh at

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